Shadowrun Accelerated

Stock Shadowrun is a very crunchy game full of dice pools and endless tweaks for optimization. In 2016, they even released an alternate ruleset called Anarchy as a less-crunchy version of the game, but it’s still grounded in a skills-and-attributes. Moving even further into the territory of narrative roleplaying games gets into the territory of Evil Hat’s Fate games.

To get away from crunchy optimization and into storytelling means changing all the cyberware and adept powers from bonuses to rolls to narrative permissions. This makes Fate Accelerated an ideal system for it, as FAE is already a game where the numbers represent how you do something, rather than what you do. I’m taking particular inspiration from Pathfinder Fate Accelerated, where you add Archetypes to your Approaches.

The Ladder

FateShadowrun 5
Rung Roll Training Rating +Stat
Astonishing+9 Apex12–1319–20
Legendary+8 Legendary1117
Epic+7 Elite1016
Fantastic+6 Exceptional915
Superb+5 Expert813
Great+4 Veteran711
Good+3 Skilled59
Fair+2 Proficient47
Average+1 Competent36
Mediocre+0 Novice25
Poor–1 Beginner14
Terrible–2 Untrained03
(no roll) Unaware (no roll)


This game has some variations on the standard Fate Accelerated Approaches. These Approaches are all related to Mind, Body, or Soul:


In addition, there are also six cyberpunk Edges. For each Edge, a +1 represents basic competence, +2 professional competence, +3 exceptional competence, and +4 and higher true expertise.


Getting into a nightclub:

The applicability of Chrome and Magic depend on your Qualities.


Qualities are an application of the Bronze Rule, aka the Fate Fractal, to the Edges. Qualities are clarifications of detail, such as Cybereyes for someone with Chrome, Astral Perception for someone with Magic, or Tribal Immersion for Street. Some Qualities are prerequisites to certain stunts.

Qualities never provide a bonus to any roll. They provide permission to use Approaches and Edges in a particular way.


The standard FAE stunt types are:

and add a broader category, suitable for such things as wearing body armor:

We also bring in Fate Core’s Creating a Rules Exception.


From Fate Core, we also bring in Extras. Extras that are represented as aspects or simple stunts are treated as above. More involved items are like Gadgets in the Fate System Toolkit p154: they have a Function and Flaw aspect, and your choice of:

You can get additional picks from the above list by paying more refresh, or adding more Flaws. Need to read up more on the Fate System Toolkit and various worlds of adventure.

Vehicles are also Extras (Fate System Toolkit p170). In general, they modify how your character expresses their Approaches while driving.


Most of the time, the game doesn’t worry about money. If it’s plausible for you to have a piece of gear, you can spend a Fate point to declare that you have it with you, make a roll to see if you remembered to pack it, or roll an appropriate Approach + Scrounge to obtain or fabricate one. Anything worth statting out (chrome, foci, vehicles, cyberdecks) comes with milestones. Still, there will be occasions where spending money becomes worthwhile to do on camera.

Your character is expected to have a day job of some sort, which will have a particular Approach + Edge combination associated with its performance; this may not be the character’s best adventuring combination. For instance, a Street Samurai may be best at Chrome + Powerful, but their day job as a bodyguard is Chrome + Careful. This sum is your Day Job rank. (Or maybe you don’t need one, if your Careful + Scrounge is high enough.)

Any time you need to spend money, you can roll your Day Job to have the relevant cash on hand. If you miss your target, you take financial stress, which occurs on a separate stress track that clears roughly every two weeks. No Liquid Assets and On Austerity Measures is a Mild consequence that clears after two weeks or burning a piece of Loot equal in rank to your Day Job, Paying Off Some Loans is a Moderate consequence that clears through a story event or using up a piece of Loot that is one step larger than your Day Job.

There is occasional Loot that has an aspect and a rank, such as Certified ¥ (+4). You can use up a piece of Loot to make a roll with that rank instead of Approach + Edge, or use it as a Fate point for any other roll at the same or lesser rank.


Advancement occurs through milestones: