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The Galaxy

Known galactic aspects: Power of the Sith, Life is Cheap.

This is a list of the worlds of note in the galaxy, with annotations giving their main points of interest and deviations from the standard references that are focused on an era 25,000 years later. Note that many sector boundaries have shifted, as have galactic trade routes. The worlds are listed by region and sector, with hyperlinks based on other organizing principles such as trade routes and polities.

Planets known in later eras by Ord prefixes do not have them this early. -ooine is a Huttese suffix meaning world.

The Essential Atlas is the best reference available to date; its galactic map is at a scale of 5000 light years per grid square, which is 1534 parsecs, or 15 hours with an ×1 hyperdrive.

This is the era before nav computers, when hyperspace beacons are used to provide reliable navigation fixes. Any settled system will try to maintain one. KotORCG p111

Galactic Regions

The regions here are the names from the era of the films, for convenient reference. In this era, the settling of the galaxy is much more sparse, and the Sith Empire is far-flung while skipping many worlds in between.

Trade Routes

Trade routes connecting the Galaxy tEA p121–2:

Major Trade Routes

Galactic superhighways, with very reliable nav beacons and high bandwidth hyperwave relays, frequently carrying bulk freighter traffic. Data connections vary from a barely noticeable delay when talking to someone in the next system to hours to cross the galaxy. (The Hydian Way is not established until 3700BBY.)

Minor Trade Routes

Galactic highways, with reliable nav beacons and hyperwave relays; you can’t get a decent realtime connection to another system and getting information out to a major trade route may take hours to days, but you can transmit funds ahead to your next bank branch before boarding a ship and have no problem when you get to your destination.

Tertiary Trade Routes

Galactic county roads, with questionable nav beacons and dubious prospects of hyperwave connectivity. Bring hard trade goods, and be prepared to depend on courier ships and the infoholds of light freighters for data connections.

The Slice is a stretch of systems lying between the Perlemian Trade Route and the Corellian Run.

All Hyperlanes Lead to Coruscant

For every duchy, make sure we list how it connects to Coruscant.

The Gauntlet of the Sith

The Sith place importance on a set of worlds called the Gauntlet. Gauntlet Worlds received a great deal of attention early in the days of Sith conquest— to the degree that they would conquer these worlds before bothering to clear space in between them— and always sport impressive Kissai temples. The Sith Empire is largely structured around these worlds, though a nearby world with better placement for local hyperlanes may be more important strategically and economically. Any Sith Lord in charge of a Gauntlet World has enhanced prestige relative to his apparent resources. Some of the worlds are populous; others are almost uninhabited. The latter tend to be places that Sith indulge in one of their favorite sports: hunting disadvantaged enemies. While some deal with their enemies by pitting them against beasts and gladiators in the arena, others prefer to hone their skills by dumping them on an almost-uninhabited planet with minimal survival gear and then tracking them.

These are the worlds of the Infinite Empire, tEA p116. Need to set up the plotline for having some drop off the map eventually. Sacrificing your opponents generates much more power on a Gauntlet World.


The economic powerhouses of the galaxy, with populations in the hundreds of billions and skies crowded with freighters bringing in raw materials and leaving with finished goods. Coruscant, Alsakan, Anaxes, Trantor, Grizmallt, Skako, Humbarine, Ator, Carratos, Denon, Taris.

Proto-ecumenopoleis include Metellos, Koros Major, Hosk.

Former Polities

While they have been under the Sith fist for thousands of years now, these former polities would still retain a regional identity and still possess cultural coherence. The Azure Imperium. Hutt Space.