A lot of my creative work goes into role-playing games I run for my friends and then write up for people on the Web to enjoy. The Amurgsval Ars Magica game was a collaborative effort; the Twilight Brigade Shadowrun game (which managed to win some online awards), and the Seas of Chaos Feng Shui high fantasy game are mostly my writing, though the campaign settings were just as Troupe-style. Rise of the Jedi is a Star Wars campaign that I’m working on solo. I also post my miscellaneous gaming ideas under the tag escaped gaming meme on my LiveJournal.

I haven’t put in the time to become Worth1000-caliber, but I do occasionally convert my own ideas to graphical images with the aid of The GIMP and Inkscape. These show up in my LiveJournal under the tag demented visions.

The entries posted under where’s my venture capital? are sometimes tongue-in-cheek and sometimes a serious business idea.