web browsing

I recommend Firefox as a web browser, and a variety of extensions:

instant messaging

I recommend Pidgin, an open source multiprotocol client.


I rip my music to MP3 format using grip and lame with variable bit rate encoding, and play it back on an iPod. I chose the iPod because lots of people were producing third party interface hardware for it; I can plug it into a dock on my stereo to play music in the living room, into another one at my bedside to serve as an alarm clock, or an iPod2car adapter in my car to listen on the road. I manage it using gtkpod; I have never actually run iTunes, nor downloaded a single song from Apple.

Ultimately, I’d like to have a player that can use the FLAC codec and re-rip my entire collection to lossless format, but the portable music players aren’t quite large enough for that yet.

operating systems

I prefer Ubuntu Linux. Linux is coming along very well as an operating system, though it still needs someone technical to handle oddities like I want to use an HP OfficeJet printer with my machine.

this site

I created the top-level page using JSON APIs from and LibraryThing, and gadgets from Google Friend Connect. The LiveJournal JSON is created with a custom style I wrote.

I have a particular interest in Semantic Web technology, so I’ve been adding microformats to the site: the home page (validate it!) has hCard and XFN data, and my résumé (validate it!) has hResume data (which uses hCalendar to handle stretches of time associated with experience and education and hCards to represent those places, and rel-tags to represent skills.)

The home page also links to an RDF document for the Friend of a Friend Project, another Semantic Web initiative.