I’m a software engineer by trade, on the track to becoming a Software Architect rather than going into management. I’m currently a Senior Software Engineer at Electric Cloud.

I generally prefer to work under a Unix-like operating system, ideally one where the source code is available to dig into if I need to delve into the next layer down. I prefer to avoid Microsoft Windows when possible, but I understand the exigencies of the business world and am willing to create cross-platform applications that work on Windows as well as Unix— but provide an easy upgrade path.

My friend and former coworker Bill Pabst keeps saying I should jot down some of ideas I bring up, so I figured I’d give it a try; take a look at things I wish I’d known for technical details and rants for a higher ratio of opinions to technical content.

Peter Seebach’s Hacker FAQ is good reading for managers and his Manager FAQ is good reading for hackers.