Adepts channel their magic into their bodies to become extraordinary. Narratively, this boils down to:

For that, take this stunt:

Adept (1): for each point of Magic, pick two skills that are enhanced by your Magic; the bonus applies any time it makes narrative sense. (e.g.: Crime+Magic is good for picking pockets but not disarming electronic security systems.)

For each quality milestone, pick a feat associated with your magic-enhanced skills. (Three at +1, six at +2.)

If you have a mentor spirit, take one extra feat associated with that spirit.

You can change feats during downtime through weeks of meditation, ritual, and training. You should have your feats picked out at the start of the adventure; surprise revelations are for Chrome.

You can take additional Adept stunts.


In Fate, a feat is permission to do something cool, usually by rolling the associated skill + Magic. Adepts also have stunts for their abilities that have mechanical consequences (such as soaking up or dealing out more damage).

If a feat applies to multiple skills you’ve enhanced, you need only take the feat once. e.g.: if your Consulting Mystic Detective has enhanced Brains and Recon, they only need to spend one of their feats on Analytics. If a feat references using a different skill (such as Nerve Strike using Heart+Magic clearing nerve strike consequences), you do not need to enhance the related skill to support that. (But Nerve Strike and Chi Healing do make a great matched pair of feats!)

Feats are permissions to do cool things by adding Magic to a skill. Things that are mechanically different are stunts.


Your magic is channeled into your strength and stamina. You can gain extra physical stress boxes and consequences if your Bod+Magic meets the usual thresholds.



You can perform amazing feats of recollection and abstract thought.


You have devoted your magic to manipulating people and the power of disguise. If you take disguise feats on a qi focus, you must keep that focus active for the entire duration of using the feats.


Your nimble fingers make you a better pickpocket and lockpick.


Your magic helps you connect with other beings.


You have devoted magic to control of your own mind, and can add your Magic when someone tries to influence you against your will.


Your magic helps you understand other beings.


You have woven your magic into the combat arts.



Your magic is channeled into the act of creating with your hands.


Your magic is channeled into bodily movement.



You can put magical emphasis behind your words. This is more of an aura than a spell, but it won’t cross wards and barriers and spell defense stops it.


Your powers of concentration and visualization help you to be extremely thorough when investigating a scene.


In a vehicle with completely manual controls— you may need to do some work to render a modern vehicle so— you can connect with it metaphysically with an attunement ritual. You can use power steering and brakes, but need a manual transmission.


You channel your magic through your performance, which is spectacular for a live audience and very pleasing to spirits. Part of this is extraordinary technique, but recordings lose –1 off your performance.


You have woven your magic into stealthy movement.


You have woven your magic into opening your senses.